Thoughts On The Liberal Redneck

Many of you have seen the Liberal Redneck, Trae Crowder, on video either through Facebook or other means funded by the New York Daily News.  He’s now their “Redneck in Chief,” and managed to get himself to a national platform where he can spread a message and get paid doing what he loves.  I’m happy for Trae, but just remember he’s spreading the message of those he’s paid to speak for.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  He’s a comedian.  Part of a stand-up comic’s success is reaching a national audience.  Trae managed to find that when it came to politics through his “Liberal Redneck” videos. He’s done well with them; many go viral and he’s gotten a position with the New York Daily News.  I don’t think all his videos represent the whole Trae Crowder, but that’s cool too. You can be an ad man and not represent the whole truth of being you.

When you see the “Liberal Redneck,” just remember he’s being paid to support a certain narrative that works for him.  That’s all.  He’s funny, and he deserves to be paid, but if he was the “Conservative Redneck” he wouldn’t get a day’s worth of air play because of his positions.  If he came out more nuanced than an extreme Liberal’s position to do nothing less than “shatter” Southern stereotypes he’d not have the attention he does now.

Trae, I’m honestly happy for your success if you’re reading this.  You deserve it.  You busted your ass with Drew Morgan, Corey Forrester, and D.J. Lewis, and you came out on top.  Bravo to you.  There’s nothing wrong with taking orders from the NY Daily News and supporting that if it feeds your family and you get national attention.

However, it does behoove your national audience to know that you’re not a NY Daily News slave.  Your political views are more than what you’re paid to say.  You have a better mind for politics, the world, and life in general than what the NY Daily News allows you to vent as their “redneck in chief” and if you really aired some of your views then they’d fire you in a heartbeat.  I won’t discuss that, because you need the money and you deserve the fame you’re getting.

But let’s be honest.  The News is telling you to say certain things, and you do it because it gives you a great paycheck.  That’s fine.  Just admit that you have more nuanced stances than what the NY Daily News tells you to say and we’re good.  We’re good right now, as I write this.  I just want the world to know the “Liberal Redneck” is a bit more grounded in reality than the views he puts out on the world’s stage.

Let’s not forget the accent either.  Your videos are filled with the southern drawl most people expect of the barefoot hillbilly type.  Yet when you do club shows it’s completely different.  You actually sound like you’re a decent human being.  Why do you let the NY Daily News make you their token “hillbilly” from the South?  I would imagine the money, but I’m often wrong.

In any case, Trae Crowder, the “Liberal Redneck,” is a credit to the Scruffy City regardless of his political leanings. If you’re a comedy club owner you’re a fool to not book him.  If you want him to speak you’re a fool to not contact him.  Just remember when you do it’s all about the message Trae Crowder’s been told to spread so he can keep making money.

And there’s not a damn thing wrong with that.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Liberal Redneck

  1. I have been reading some of your posts because a friend recommended them. I do have question, have you spoken with Trae Crowder about his contracts and personal beliefs? There are alot of assumptions here and not a single reference to a source.

    1. Hoosier:

      I’ve spoken with Trae at length many times. I also know he’s more nuanced an individual than the Daily News will allow. I also know he’s skilled enough to present an image that sells, because Trae Crowder is just that damn good at what he does, and he can and will tailor his approach to any crowd if it makes him money. There’s nothing wrong with that.

      I deliberately make myself the White Trash Renegade Conservative Hell Raising Asshole because people will see what they want to see. That’s been a label I embrace as a positive because negative pricks want me otherwise. I’m actually more nuanced, but I don’t get paid the dough Trae does to be the “liberal redneck,” so I embrace what works.

      It’s not assumptions. It’s logic and reason. Just connect the dots.

      1. I have been following Trae Crowder’s work for a while, I am what people might call a fan boi of his. I had to comment on your post since you are calling him a sell out: ” I’m happy for Trae, but just remember he’s spreading the message of those he’s paid to speak for.”
        The only thing substance you provide for your assumption is that Trae is paid by a newspaper and your conversations with him.
        I have always gotten the feeling from his online and real life work that he is genuine. That is why I asked about references that I can follow up on, not your gut feelings. Your bio states you are an attorney so I figured you would be able to present more than your feelings.
        Thanks for your time.

        1. Hoosier:

          I’ve been a fan of Trae’s long before he was the “Liberal Redneck.” I’m proud to have shared an open mic or two with him.
          What you did is seize on one statement and then take it as an attack against him. I never said he was a “sell out.” That is a projection you placed into the mix, and makes it a point to show your own personal bias.

          Your demands for proof to suit your own needs, including referencing my chosen profession, also indicate your sense of entitlement.
          I’m not your fucking trained monkey.

          1. The only projector here is you. Projection your jealousy of Trae’s success and your inability to comprehend basic english is projected as bias in your readers.
            I am sure if the judge asked you for references you would produce them or would you tell the judge “I am not a trained monkey?”

            As far as my entitlement, you are some kind of special stupid to make statements in a public space, then when a member of the public asks you to back your ship, you back up crying, “Entitlement, entitlement.”

            Like the poster beneath this thread pointed out, you are a rusty, jealous knob who can’t even comprehend your own english and lacks the balls to back it up when challenged.

          2. Yup. I’m totally jealous of Trae’s success. I’m so upset, it’s positively giving me the vapors.
            And this is my blog. My front porch, if you will. I don’t have to prove a damned thing to you. I owe you nothing.
            Have a nice week.

  2. I’m honestly happy you have a keyboard and Internet access, I truly am. I’m honestly happy that you get to type condescending crap on your blog. Good for you and well done. You’re genuine ability to connect dots and expose the horrific truth about Trae and his money grubbing message pandering is quite admirable. You sure do put the ass into assumptions. Mate, you’re a rusty cock knob.

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