Presidential Dual Reality

The President met with leaders of Historically Black Colleges and Universities yesterday. It should have been a powerful meeting, and I understand the HBCU heads had various items and an agenda for the President to consider. None of this got attention. What set the Internet abuzz was a photo of the President, with the HBCU leadership, in the Oval Office. This photo had Kellyanne Conway sitting on  her knees on a couch in the Oval Office, looking at her phone.

The photo was not well received. Leftists scorned Ms. Conway for not “respecting” the Oval Office. Women called into local talk radio denouncing Ms. Conway’s posture as “unladylike.” Later reports would surface that was a photo of Ms. Conway looking at photos on a cell phone after getting into position on the couch so she could get the best angle possible for the photo.

None of this mattered. People came unhinged at the “lack of respect” for the Oval Office and demanded she resign immediately. All over a photo of her taking photos on a couch.

Last night the President of the United States gave his first speech to a joint session of Congress and the Supreme Court. I wasn’t planning on watching it. Tuesday nights are usually consumed with gaming and trash television (Hearthstone and The Bachelor, not that it matters). Today I wake to find two viewpoints on the President’s first speech to the rest of our nation’s government:

  1. Last night Donald Trump became “President.”
  2. Donald Trump blasted minorities, religious groups, and did nasty things but people are giving him a pass because he sounded “Presidential.”

These are two different realities. One person sees an effect, another sees the same thing, and both come to the same conclusion. There’s a theory behind this in magic called the “Dual Reality” principle, and something tells the deceptive in me Dual Reality is in play at this moment.

Logic and rational thought dictates that whether you cared for the man or not, Donald J. Trump became President on Inauguration Day. Yes, he’s said and done a lot of things since taking the oath of office that weren’t what many would consider “Presidential.” When the American public elected one of the least qualified individuals to the nation’s highest office, someone who has little to no understanding of the law, I gather most of those people understood what they were getting.

That it took a speech before a joint session of Congress to get even those on board the Trump Train to view him as “President” suggests dual reality is at work. Those who were on the fence with Trump’s actions but were committed to his camp now see him as President. The speech gave the effect that despite the “CEO” approach The Donald’s been taking to his new job, he can be Presidential when needed. That’s effect one.

The secondary effect is those who don’t like Donald Trump saw him look Presidential. These are the same people who scream #NotMyPresident, holler about his lack of qualifications, and plot disruptions and protests at every move. Regardless of how they felt about the man last night many who called themselves his opposition reached a point where they were forced to admit this racist, sexist, misogynistic, transohomophobic President Pussygrabber could actually look like the leader of the free world when necessary.

Dual Reality is a powerful principle in life. Some people experience it every day. The fact that we’re seeing it play out in government is astounding. It speaks to the way we perceive our lives, the reactions of those around us, and how we react accordingly.

Did you see Dual Reality at work last night? 

A Letter To The Protesters

You over there, protesting the “rigged” system electing President-Elect Trump?

To quote my pal SHG, “Sit down. I have something to tell you, and it’s going to make you sad.”

Your “protests,” what you insisted were expressions of your voice being heard, are nothing but temper tantrums at this point. That feeling you’ve got in your stomach, the bile raising in your throat as you chant “Brick by brick, wall by wall, racism has got to fall” means nothing. Tossing a brick through shopkeepers’ windows in an attempt to have your “marginalized” voice heard only pisses off the shopkeepers and proves those who’ve said you were whiny little babies right.

No, stay put. I’m not done yet.

You had your chance to elect the deeply flawed candidate of your choosing and you blew it. Wanna know how I know this? It’s because most of you never voted. You had the chance to register and get to the polling places at every opportunity. You had Beyonce, Jay-Z, even Bruce Springsteen telling you to get out there and vote. Social media sites kept reminding you when to put out an early vote. Every single chance you had existed for you to register, to make it to a place where your voice could be heard, and you stayed home.

Was it too much to step out in the real world and wait in a line other than for your venti mocha frappe latte? Did the thought of having to show your driver license to someone and a card that says you voted traumatize you because institutional racism? Would it have been better if you could  just text “Hillary” to 6666666 or “like” your candidate on Facebook? How much hand holding do you require to actually participate in the election process?

Learn to do things instead of expecting others to do them for you. No one, save yourself, is going to “save” democracy. Your apathy allowed a man never previously elected to serve office become President. Your “zero fucks to give” attitude brought us President Donald J. Trump flying in to D.C. on “Trump Force One” instead of being #WithHer and Pantsuit Nation showing up in force, or even potentially getting a third voice on the stage next year.

No, we’re not finished. The tissues are over there.

The person you elected President for two straight terms told you the morning after there would be a “peaceful transition of power” and asked you to set aside your differences with others so this nation could heal. So did Meemaw Pantsuit in one of the classiest moments of her life. The other side gloating is kind of  ridiculous, as it reeks of the smug attitude you threw in the faces of those with whom you disagreed for so long, but the “protests” and riots show you have no respect for the President, the former Secretary of State, or democracy as a whole. You don’t give a damn about this nation and your disrespect for the principles you claim dear to your heart are on full display.

And all this bullshit about getting rid of the electoral college because “she” got the popular vote? That’s your “rigged” system? Far smarter folk than I put the electoral college into play because simply counting the poplar vote marginalizes people you claim need a voice so dear. We have checks and balances on those we elect to office, and that system is one of them. It sucks when it doesn’t work in your favor, but life sucks. Get a fucking helmet.

Nope, still not finished.

You want to know what “privilege” is? Privilege is the ability to call those you don’t agree with racist, sexist, transohomophobic and bigoted, then claim outrage and OFFEND and destroy lives, relationships, and families. You’ve done that for over a decade now, worshipping fervently at the feet of ideological politics and social justice pandering. That continued condescension and valuing weaponized concepts is what brought you President Trump.

Sure, there were all those true “deplorables” out there trying to MAGA like crazy. There were deplorables on your side too. The fact that you’re out there today calling the people who were a part of this process those same names instead of owning up to your mistakes calls up an old saying about the definition of insanity. You’re living that, ableist slur or otherwise. Understand those who weren’t all those labels got tired of them and “white lashed” out. That’s why you got a President Trump.

Get over yourself and get on with this nation. The grown ups are. The rational, reasoned people are trying to make sure our President Elect has a successful term that bridges the divide you created. Continuing the “cry-ins” and asking for canceled exams because you “can’t even” smacks of your inability to grasp the real world.

Now you may go.