The New York Times’ Broken Promise

It took the Paper of Record three days to turn an about-face with its decision to “re-dedicate itself” to journalism. Friday’s letter by Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. to the New York Times’ subscribers promising more fair and unbiased coverage was undone Monday with reportage Steve Bannon, President-elect Trump’s new Chief Strategist, was the “voice of racism.”

All it took was a weekend for Sulzberger Jr.’s conciliatory remarks to mean nothing. After all, we’re often reminded of the chestnut “Actions speak louder than words.” Michael Shear’s hit piece on Steve Bannon just told the world the Times doesn’t give a damn about keeping promises to readers or subscribers. It’s going to be more of the same at the Times, and they know you’ll continue to eat it up each day.

Mind you, no one expects Shear to be nice to Steve Bannon, or give him a tummy rub. Bannon probably wouldn’t allow a NY Times reporter within thirty feet of him. With two thirds of the article devoted to the same name-calling that cost┬áthe Pantsuit Nation folks a chance to see a President Hillary, it’s clear Shear, if not the Times, is only interested in advocacy reporting. Fuck journalism and actual reporting of news when you can get the CAIR folks calling the President-elect a threat to our nation’s Muslim population, right?

Arthur Sulzberger Jr.’s letter to his subscriber base wasn’t sincere in the least. Monday’s edition proves it. It was a plea for mercy asking subscribers who trusted the Times for years to not leave. It was the cheating spouse or lover begging for one more chance, a “this time things will be different.” Fortunately those of us willing to give the Grey Lady a second chance didn’t have to wait long before she reverted back to the problems that put her in this predicament to start. Tigers don’t change their stripes, and those interested in leveraging the power of the Fourth Estate to advance a personal agenda don’t give up that power overnight.

Steve Bannon isn’t going anywhere, no matter how much Michael Shear, the Times’ publishing staff, or others want to think otherwise. Reaching out to partisan┬ábodies for comment on how he’s the “voice of racism” or “anti-semitic” is a dull move smacking of the same smugness that brought Donald Trump the Presidency.

One of the few effective working mediators I know, G.C. Hutson, posted to his Facebook page two thoughts worth mentioning. Here’s the first, and it’s a “maybe.”

1. Maybe, just maybe…
…calling anyone and everyone who in anyway disagrees with your ideology a “vile deplorable racist misogynistic xenophobic piece of hillybilly shit,” backfired a little.
Crazy, right?
But.. maybe, we stop doing that.
Perhaps ACTUALLY being inclusive and non-marginalizing as you CLAIM, would work better in the future.

Another, more damning sentiment worth the time of the journalist who claims it’s time for a new world, one where both sides are given a fair and balanced treatment.

As ridiculous as I consider all “political correctness” to be, not even I realized the depth of its disfavor, across the nation.

It cost you ALL of the elections.
The Presidency, The House and The Senate.

If you hear NOTHING else I ever say, absorb my following words:
…your constant desire to “force” people to think like you didn’t work…
…it simply pushed those opposing sentiments underground.

Which is why, no one saw the elections results coming.

You didn’t open-up dialogues.
– You lectured.
– You oppressed.
– You dismissed.
– You mocked.
– And you marginalized.

And it failed.
Big time.
You became EVERYTHING you claimed to oppose.

The Times is gone, replaced as Carlos Slim’s personal blog. Your mainstream news networks abandoned you for personal favors from the establishment elites. They fed you a steady diet of talking heads and think-fluencers, and when you finally rejected that they plead for one more chance.

It took them three days to break their “promise.”

Who’s left to trust when the media is corrupt? It’s really simple, when you think about it.
The New Scum.
And we’re already watching.