Dance with the Devils in Dallas in September

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I’m quite happy to announce that I’ll be appearing at the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association CLE in September called “Voir Dire: Outside the (Jury) Box.”  My appearance comes thanks to my fellow practitioner in the deceptive arts, Mark Bennett, he known also as the Texas Tornado and the Statue Slayer.

My appearance is part of a project Mark and I have worked on for a little while, a bit more in the realm of higher-functioning thinking than where most CLEs normally go.  Specifically, I got it in my head some time ago whether there was a way to combine some of my heightened skill sets in the realm of mentalism, magic, and hypnosis and apply it all to a trial setting for criminal defense attorneys. Some of the material the attendees in September will see might seem a touch far-fetched.  It will definitely blow a few minds.  When the attorneys attending this seminar leave, they’ll have a better understanding of how the mind works and why learning skills like cold reading and suggestion are essential tools for any attorney during voir dire.

Every bit of the lecture I’m giving is fine-tuned, field tested, and ready to make the criminal defense attorney leave prosecutors speechless.  I’m pulling no punches here in discussing details on attention management, suggestion, the “wrongless approach” to jury selection, and so much more. At the bare minimum you will be entertained in a fashion no other CLE lecture will give you for the money.

Then there’s Mark Bennett.  You’d gladly pay the dough just to hear the man speak and give his opinions on any number of subjects.  However, Mark’s quite big into improv, and from what I gather there’s a lecture called “Improv in Jury Selection,” so expect Mark’s contribution to this amazing CLE to be nothing less than absolutely spectacular.

The event is September 8-9 in Dallas at the Sheraton by the Galleria.  If you’re interested in signing up for the course, you can do so here.  Won’t you come dance with two devils in the Dallas lights?

I promise you it’ll be a CLE you’ll never forget.