Fault Lines: Join Us

Several months ago I reached out to Scott Greenfield, the managing editor of Fault Lines, and asked for a shot at writing on the site.  I sent a submission, as the worst he could do was say “no.” Today I write three to four times a week at Fault Lines, the only online legal magazine featuring criminal law analysis from professionals ranging the scope of the criminal justice system, including three Federal judges.  And it’s time for more to join our ranks, according to the managing editor.

Fault Lines isn’t a place to come if you’re looking for someone to nod their head, pat you on the tummy, and confirm you’ve got the correct opinion.  There are times some of the contributors posted articles that made me want to destroy my laptop.  Andrew King, our prosecutor, is the one usually responsible for this.  We harbor no bias and examine all views, even if I usually think Andrew King is wrong about everything.
Content isn’t just the best part of Fault Lines  As I’ve said in the past, any asshole can express an opinion on the Internet, and many unfortunately use the Web to make people dumber.  Fault Lines brings you insight from all perspectives across the system we can muster in a smart, reasoned fashion currently in the system.  We have criminal defense attorneys, an active prosecutor, three Federal Judges, and an ex cop turned lawyer.  We’re always looking for more perspectives, and I know one we’d love is an active duty cop.

There are requirements for Fault Lines.  You have to be able to stick to deadlines no matter what.  You have to be able to write in a reasonable, coherent fashion.  You also need to be fairly bulletproof to criticism, as our commenters often demonstrate.  And you need to make sure when you discuss an issue, you get the law right.   If you possess the necessary qualifications, we want you.

Since writing at Fault Lines I’ve been on the radio discussing legal issues pertinent to Tennessee, I’ve managed to piss off a few prominent politicians as an effort to effect change, I’ve gotten business, and continued improvement in my content output as a writer.  If you want to write, and want a national platform, and would like to get better at your writing, the best shot you have is applying for Fault Lines.

If you want to give it a shot, here’s how to apply.