A Letter To The Protesters

You over there, protesting the “rigged” system electing President-Elect Trump?

To quote my pal SHG, “Sit down. I have something to tell you, and it’s going to make you sad.”

Your “protests,” what you insisted were expressions of your voice being heard, are nothing but temper tantrums at this point. That feeling you’ve got in your stomach, the bile raising in your throat as you chant “Brick by brick, wall by wall, racism has got to fall” means nothing. Tossing a brick through shopkeepers’ windows in an attempt to have your “marginalized” voice heard only pisses off the shopkeepers and proves those who’ve said you were whiny little babies right.

No, stay put. I’m not done yet.

You had your chance to elect the deeply flawed candidate of your choosing and you blew it. Wanna know how I know this? It’s because most of you never voted. You had the chance to register and get to the polling places at every opportunity. You had Beyonce, Jay-Z, even Bruce Springsteen telling you to get out there and vote. Social media sites kept reminding you when to put out an early vote. Every single chance you had existed for you to register, to make it to a place where your voice could be heard, and you stayed home.

Was it too much to step out in the real world and wait in a line other than for your venti mocha frappe latte? Did the thought of having to show your driver license to someone and a card that says you voted traumatize you because institutional racism? Would it have been better if you could  just text “Hillary” to 6666666 or “like” your candidate on Facebook? How much hand holding do you require to actually participate in the election process?

Learn to do things instead of expecting others to do them for you. No one, save yourself, is going to “save” democracy. Your apathy allowed a man never previously elected to serve office become President. Your “zero fucks to give” attitude brought us President Donald J. Trump flying in to D.C. on “Trump Force One” instead of being #WithHer and Pantsuit Nation showing up in force, or even potentially getting a third voice on the stage next year.

No, we’re not finished. The tissues are over there.

The person you elected President for two straight terms told you the morning after there would be a “peaceful transition of power” and asked you to set aside your differences with others so this nation could heal. So did Meemaw Pantsuit in one of the classiest moments of her life. The other side gloating is kind of  ridiculous, as it reeks of the smug attitude you threw in the faces of those with whom you disagreed for so long, but the “protests” and riots show you have no respect for the President, the former Secretary of State, or democracy as a whole. You don’t give a damn about this nation and your disrespect for the principles you claim dear to your heart are on full display.

And all this bullshit about getting rid of the electoral college because “she” got the popular vote? That’s your “rigged” system? Far smarter folk than I put the electoral college into play because simply counting the poplar vote marginalizes people you claim need a voice so dear. We have checks and balances on those we elect to office, and that system is one of them. It sucks when it doesn’t work in your favor, but life sucks. Get a fucking helmet.

Nope, still not finished.

You want to know what “privilege” is? Privilege is the ability to call those you don’t agree with racist, sexist, transohomophobic and bigoted, then claim outrage and OFFEND and destroy lives, relationships, and families. You’ve done that for over a decade now, worshipping fervently at the feet of ideological politics and social justice pandering. That continued condescension and valuing weaponized concepts is what brought you President Trump.

Sure, there were all those true “deplorables” out there trying to MAGA like crazy. There were deplorables on your side too. The fact that you’re out there today calling the people who were a part of this process those same names instead of owning up to your mistakes calls up an old saying about the definition of insanity. You’re living that, ableist slur or otherwise. Understand those who weren’t all those labels got tired of them and “white lashed” out. That’s why you got a President Trump.

Get over yourself and get on with this nation. The grown ups are. The rational, reasoned people are trying to make sure our President Elect has a successful term that bridges the divide you created. Continuing the “cry-ins” and asking for canceled exams because you “can’t even” smacks of your inability to grasp the real world.

Now you may go.

Burning Ken Bone

The Town Hall presidential debate’s darling wasn’t either candidate or the moderators. It was Ken Bone, an unassuming man reminiscent of a character in Mike Judge’s film “Office Space.” He asked the candidates a question about their stance on how they’d balance a need for sustainable energy while minimizing job layoffs.

For a brief, shining moment, Ken Bone was America’s Superhero. Major media outlets declared him “the man who won the second presidential debate.” Costume stores and internet forums started shopping around for the perfect Ken Bone Halloween costume. People on Twitter lauded him for his “realness.” They enjoyed his use of a disposable camera while capturing the night’s events. Bone even landed a promotional deal with Uber as a result of his overnight fame.

Then, just as soon as the love began, the Internet Outrage Machine cranked up to full throttle, and Ken Bone was Burned. Now, a Google search of his name returns the following headlines:

“Ken Bone Is Actually Kind Of An Awful Guy”

“Ken Bone’s Disturbing Reddit History Shows He’s Not Nearly as Adorable as We Thought.”

“Ken Bone Forgot to Delete His Reddit Porn Comments, Said Trayvon Martin Killing Was ‘Justified'”

“Ken Bone Leaves Seedy Comment Trail on Reddit.”

How did all of this happen?  Easy. William Turton, a “journalist” for Gizmodo, looked into Bone’s Reddit posting history, and posted his favorite finds. When Bone attempted an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit, the Outrage Machine cranked into full throttle over his thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence’s physique, his personal opinion of Trayvon Martin, and more. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. All comments are things you’ve probably heard in the past from friends, neighbors, or relatives. You may not have liked them or found them personally suited to your tastes.

This doesn’t matter to those who want to virtue signal their way through life, attempting the lock-step correct thoughts and actions of those who march in the social justice traveling band. Once something a blogger found as potentially offensive to the sensibilities of those who call themselves “oppressed” and “marginalized” the bait was set. All the mob needed were someone to sharpen the pitchforks and light the torches.

Since I began writing this post, it appears as if cooler heads are starting to prevail. Forbes published an op-ed attempting to remind everyone that Ken Bone is a human just like the rest of us.  The contributor, Fruzsina Eordogh, opined his rise and fall as an internet star was a symptom of just how divisive this election cycle had become. She remarked it was the public’s choice to hate him, instead of remembering Ken Bone as “just one confused and overweight man, and not some corporate, media, or self-projected manifestation…just one man, not worth being mad about.”

Maybe Eordogh’s right. Maybe we shouldn’t have to worry about destroying the life of a man who dared ask a question about a subject that mattered to him during a town hall style presidential debate. Maybe making a person into an “internet sensation” and then tearing apart his life is out of order. There’s even a good possibility people will see the way Ken Bone was treated and refrain from ever participating in the political process again. That’s not something we want, and maybe it’s time to actually return to civility in the way we address one another.

Wait, there’s a second page on this Forbes story I hadn’t seen yet. Let me click through to it.


Full Disclosure: I was NEVER EVER on the Ken Bone train, or took a trip to his Bone Zone. I thought he was dumb, from his sweater to his question, from day one. 

Just to save you a few clicks, the links in that block quote go back to some of the headlines referenced earlier. So Forbes’ Eordogh doesn’t really even believe the words she penned for the site. She took time to pen out her required word count and then added a disclosure calling him “dumb” and referencing the sources attempting to dehumanize Ken Bone. Way to go, “journalism.”


Banning James (Well, Sort of)

The latest Twitter offender is James O’Keefe of the non partisan watchdog organization Project Veritas. Yesterday Twitter suspended his account for reasons yet disclosed. They most likely had to do with the release of the following videos, none of which look too good for The Smiler or her favorites.

That first video shows Wylie Mao, a Clinton staffer discussing how “all bets were off” with regards to how he could act towards women in their office.  Specifically, he mentions he could “grab Emma’s ass like twice and still not get fired.” When confronted about his comments, Mao remained silent and embarrassed before leaving the scene.

There’s also talk in the video of Clinton staffers giving those who register for Clinton the option to vote by mail, but omitting that option for those who register to vote Trump.

Next we go back to Wylie Mao, who says he could rip up twenty voter registration ballots before he got reprimanded. An undercover staffer then asks Trevor LaFuci, a Hillary campaign staffer, saying it’s perfectly fine to rip up voter registration ballots “as long as you don’t make a habit of it.” When confronted, LaFuci walks away.

That’s video one. The next should be a fun view for those who keep and bear firearms.

That’s Senator Russ Feingold, one of Hillary’s ardent Wisconsin supporters as well as some of the elites attending one of his Silicon Valley fundraisers discussing how Clinton might get rid of guns or enact stricter gun control laws via executive order. It goes into even greater detail through an examination of the WikiLeaks emails outlining Hillary’s stance on “closing loopholes” at gun shows and more. More disturbing is the event organizer proudly claiming President Meemaw’s ability to get rid of everything and blast away gun owners’ rights “but for” that troublesome Second Amendment.

As they say in those late night infomercials, “But Wait, There’s More.”

Meet Alan Schulkin, the New York City Commissioner of the Board of Elections. In this video he discusses the concept of voter fraud and how people are bussed from polling site to polling site in order to get people to remain in office. Schulkin also laments the lack of voter ID laws in New York, and suggests one would be a good idea. There’s also information about Bill de Blasio offering ID cards “you can use for anything.” Finally, there’s a rather frank discussion on how easy it would be for someone to “pretend to be a Muslim,” show up to the polls in a burqua, and vote a second time as a different person.

These are all pretty damning indictments of the Democratic party, the contempt for which they hold the voting public, and how little these new “moral” standards regarding women, sexual assault and sexual harassment mean within the Clinton campaign. As long as you’re #WithHer, you can assault women as you please. It’s almost like being famous.

For his egregious sins, James O’Keefe was locked out of his Twitter account for twelve hours. This caused a shit storm of epic proportions on Twitter, with people relentlessly mentioning @Jack regarding the situation, calling Twitter headquarters, and more. Eventually O’Keefe was told if he deleted one tweet on his account they would lift the suspension. The tweet was one mentioning Wylie Mao and referencing his “locker room talk.”

It’s becoming pretty clear with every new ban Twitter is not the “free speech wing of the free speech party.” They know which voices they want amplified, and they know which voices they want to go away. And it’s increasingly obvious the voices Twitter wants most are those who toe the progressive, liberal, Democratic party line lock step. Those are the accounts with the blue verification “tick” marks, while the conservatives are un-verified, shadow banned, and then eventually suspended or banned as the platform pleases.

It’s perfectly acceptable for Twitter to censor some users and laud others. They are a private company, and can do as they please. With this latest attack on a non-partisan organization and a man whose stated mission is to bring truth to the world where others would not see it, Jack and Twitter can no longer lie about their alleged “care” for conservative thought.


Choose the Form of Your Destructor

“Choose the form of your destructor.” That’s a line from Ghostbusters, where Gozer the Gozarian baited our lovable spectre-battling quartet into a manifestation of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.  Right now, America is in a position to choose the form of its destructor, and hopefully seeing that we’re in that moment will stop people from choosing anger and choose peace instead.

Sometimes life can imitate art.  I just didn’t think that art would be Ghostbusters.

Scott Greenfield does a great job of expressing my stance on this issue, but I’ve got to take a different tack than him when I approach this.  I’m going “conflict free,” because that’s what Mediation is Dead means, but in order to get to “conflict free,” you have to put yourself in the other party’s shoes.

Prologue: Any writing about political candidates engenders a reaction in the intellectually challenged that if you don’t condemn the candidate they hate, you support him or her. I don’t support any of the candidates running for president. I’m appalled that in this nation, these are the best we can manage.

Whew.  Now that’s out of the way, we can talk about the Destructor, and what form that will take.  Either side has its Destructor, and it’s time to discuss the root cause of both Destructors in modern America.  Anger, deep, seething white-hot intense anger.

There is deep anger in America directed toward politicians, political parties and the dysfunction of government. And the fact that the other Republican candidates, despite their rhetoric now, have sworn to support [REDACTED] if he wins the nomination is as cynical as it gets, and demonstrates exactly what people hate about politicians and parties. (ed. note: I redacted the Destructor’s name.  SHG did not.)

That anger, and the sneers from the other side of the fence, have us picking our destructors.

To your Left, you have a white-haired demon who used to keep pictures of Marx and Lenin on his walls.  To the Right, you have the epitome of He Who Must Not Be Named, because he’s a sociopath and enjoys all of the attention.  This is where it’s gotten.  That anger has everyone ready to burn it all down in an attempt to get something close to resembling what America once was back in the picture.

This is the anger that has us choosing the Destructor.  For at least twenty years there’s been a sense we, the people have been lied to by those that seek and attain power in the highest branches of our government.  No matter what, we were told to remain loyal.  No matter what, the people were told to OBEY, LISTEN, and BELIEVE, and magical concepts like HOPE and CHANGE would magically occur.

Because when you see a lie, and you believe a lie, and you continue to have it reinforced in your head, when the lie hits a breaking point, there’s only one thing left to do.  Burn it all down and start over.  Where does that anger come from, though?  Most of the populace has been complicit for over two decades.  Why do we get angry now?

We are angry as a public because we know we’ve been told who to hate, how to hate them, and that we’re an “ist” if you don’t hate properly.  

The first moment we began forming our destructors came with the rise of that wonderful person once known as a “social justice warrior,” and now called “crybully.” These “noble” activists, armed with keyboards and Twitter accounts, made it their purpose in life to run around like a toddler in the middle of a tantrum at every single perceived slight.  If someone caught wind of an offense, then you had to apologize, because usually “you” were a person who had a position of power the crybully wanted.  The apology didn’t matter once they got started.  The crybullys would attack further, until you were gone.

This leads to people not speaking.  When you don’t speak because you know there’s the potential of having your life ruined the moment you say the Wrong Thing, then anger sets in.  Someone else controls you, and you really “can’t say that.”

You don’t speak because you’re afraid of being labeled an “ist.”  It doesn’t matter what.  “Racist,” “Sexist,” “Ableist” or otherwise.  You actually care.  You aren’t those things, and you know it.  None of the “ists” mean anything to the crybully.  They just use those words as leverage to control you.

We are angry as a public because we’ve been told who to believe and what to do when it comes to keeping people in office.

This year was to be the year dynasties were established in the United States.  One political dynasty versus another political dynasty.  Either way, the two would work together to keep things “business as usual.”

This was the second manifestation of the Destructor.  It gave the Destructor legs.  When the Destructor, be it on the Left or Right, began their respective ascents to power, the Destructor was jeered.  They’d never get anywhere.  One was a TV star!  The other one’s a Socialist!  You can’t put either Destructor in a position of political power like that, can you?

Turns out you most certainly can, and that’s why the Destructors have so much attention.

We are mad as hell and you don’t get that we’re not going to take it anymore.  The Destructor feeds off this.

The key moment in the ascendance of the Destructor came when people tried to say “We get that you’re angry.”
Do you really?  Now, after all the name calling, and jeering, and mishmash thrown our way, you “get” we’re angry?  That’s the most disingenuous horse shit you could expect us to eat.  If you “got” how angry we were the Destructor wouldn’t even manifest.  It wouldn’t have power.  If you “got” how angry we were then we wouldn’t even get here.

The Destructor doesn’t care about our anger.  We know that in our heart of hearts.  The Destructor feeds off that anger to gain power.  We’re so damn mad right now that it’s time to burn it all down.

You tell us our guns don’t matter, because we have a government that can bomb and kill us at any moment.  Okay, that’s fine.  We’ll do something royally stupid to make sure you understand WE hold the power through the ballot box.  Not you.

It’s escalated to the point where even the crybullies can’t tell the divisive rhetoric on either side is cannibalizing their own.

Marc Randazza’s latest CNN column about giving one Destructor free speech came out recently.  I agree with Marc, but it’s because I know what’s at stake if violence controls the narrative.  I shared in on Facebook, which is something I rarely do.  Three people immediately attacked Marc and labeled him a Destructor supporter.  Then I got attacked for being a Destructor supporter.  Marc is about as hardcore anti-Destructor as you can get.  He’s also done more for the First Amendment than most will do in their lives.

Two of these three people were stand-up comedians.  Professions where speech is their trade.  The third is a professional troll, so he COULD benefit from Marc’s ideas.  Marc said it best. “They’re too stupid to read my material.”

Hate has made us choose the Form of the Destructor.  The question is whether we opt-in to that choice. 

You’ll notice now that I’ve never mentioned once either Destructor by name.  That’s because both feed like leeches off the attention they receive, and I will give no power to either.  The Destructor wants me to make a choice.

I choose “fuck it.” I choose peace. 

I did some work for a client this weekend.  The client gave me a pen.  It had the word “PEACE” written in big block letters above my client’s name.

“What’s the deal with this?” I asked.  This is a guy I’ve known for more years than I care to admit.

“Well at one point I worked for a bomb plant.  I was having pens made, and I wanted to have my business name and my name on the pens.  The plant told me that I couldn’t have a business name of any kind on the pens, so I said “hell, I’m going to have fun with this.”  Now, after leaving that place, every time I think about it, I know there’s at least a thousand pens with the word “PEACE” in circulation in a bomb plant.  “Peace pens” are being used in a place that makes weapons of war.  If that’s not funny to you then you have no sense of humor.”

This is the very epitome of the “Wrongless Approach” to life.

Some will choose war.  Some will choose the Destructor.  I choose peace.

Make that decision today.  Will you choose the form of your Destructor, or will you choose peace?

Choosing peace is the MiD life in action. 

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