Understanding MILO, Understanding Donald (Update)

The world learned yesterday MILO, the self styled “Dangerous Faggot” landed a quarter million dollar book deal. A bunch of people lost their collective ever loving minds over this. As of this writing MILO’s book, “Dangerous,” sits as the number two best seller in all of Amazon. The crazy part is his book won’t be out until March of 2017! How does someone who describes himself as a “virtuous troll” achieve such instant success over a book that isn’t in print?

Understanding the cultural phenomenon that is MILO means understanding the America that elected a reality television star President. You may love it or hate it, but you’ll have a better grasp of the America that allegedly rejected “progressive” values. Taking a moment to examine the events of the last twenty-four hours surrounding MILO’s book deal will help you get a better grasp of where America stands culturally as we move forward into the new year.

MILO represents a rejection of identity politics. 

Identity politics have been quite the rage. It’s common to see someone start a social media post labeling themselves “As a” before launching into an argument or stating a position. When your “As a” label is offended, it gives you a chance to express your outrage and call someone a racist, sexist, transohomophobic bigot. That outrage sets the internet social justice posse in motion, silencing you for your viewpoint. It makes you think twice before you hit “post” or say something in public.

MILO is part of the cultural nexus that holds up the viper of identity politics, cuts off its head, and throws both pieces of the snake into two separate fields. His “Dangerous Faggot” college tour holds talks with themes like “Feminism is Cancer,” “Fat Shaming Works,” “Why Do So Many Lesbians Fake Hate Crimes?” and other ridiculously outlandish topics. The stated purpose of each talk is to make people laugh, piss people off, and maybe make people think.

It would be easy for people to dismiss him if he were simply a white guy. Under the mantle of identity politics, he gets a following for being a gay Jewish Briton with a German mother who has a propensity for dating black guys. It also makes him damned near bulletproof from the Social Justice mobs.

People love him for his outlandish antics, and his talks are often to standing room only crowds as a result. When college campuses pull off a stunt that either shuts down a talk or cancels it completely, it makes headlines. Shouting him down only amplifies his voice to the people that want to hear him.

Silencing MILO only makes his voice stronger, and people hate that. 

The “Heckler’s Veto” is a common tactic for those who want to silence someone with whom they disagree. Shouting someone down produces no honest conversations that lead to productive exchanges over big ideas. Yet society continues to do this and ask for “honest conversations” at the same time. You can’t have an honest discussion if you’re unwilling to listen to the ideas and concepts you can’t stand to hear.

Silencing MILO, for some reason, only makes his voice that much stronger. It’s the real life equivalent of Obi-Wan Kenobi telling Darth Vader “Strike me down, Lord Vader, and I shall become more powerful than you can ever imagine.” When Twitter suspended MILO’s @Nero account during the Republican National Convention he dominated press row the next day. Every time a campus shuts down or protests one of his talks it’s a newsworthy story.

This is why MILO’s book deal dominated the media world for twenty four hours and put his book at number two on all of Amazon. Announcing an alleged quarter million dollar advance for a book due in March caused an incredible number of celebrities to decry Simon and Schuster for “normalizing hatred.” The Chicago Review of Books announced it wouldn’t review a single S&S release in 2017.

The effect of this was an insane number of pre-orders for a book that’s going to launch with a $26 hardcover price. A comparable hardcover sells for approximately $17. This is what people mean when they speak of voting with their money. People want to hear what MILO has to say so much they were willing to launch money at him three months before his book ships.

Understanding MILO means understanding America in 2017. 

If you take a moment to examine the meteoric success of MILO, you will understand why we have Donald Trump in the White House. Both men represent a group of people tired of being told they were a bunch of things they weren’t, like racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, bigoted, ableist, or whatever label you could put on them. Both men listened to the America that was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore. Both men took time to listen to those more concerned about rising health care costs and lack of employment than discussions of which bathroom or pronoun to use.

Both men were unapologetic in their actions. Both men said and did whatever the hell they wanted without fear of repercussion. When people tried to shut both men down the public that was mad as hell lashed back with time, money, and energy most thought never existed.

Examine MILO. Instead of trying to shut him up, take a moment to understand why he dominates public discourse. When you understand that, you’ll understand America in the coming year.

Watch American Milo here.

MILO is in Silenced: Our War on Free Speech.

His YouTube Channel is a repository of his college talks.

UPDATE: “Dangerous” is now the number one book in all of Amazon. The self-styled “Most Fabulous Supervillain on the Internet” strolled past Carrie Fisher’s “The Princess Diarist.”

Score one for the bad guys.

A Thought Experiment To Ruin Your Night (maybe).

The world near me is literally on fire. Florida beat LSU. I’m in the mood to ruin some people’s evenings. If you’re interested in a thought experiment, keep reading. If you’re the type that doesn’t like to think, and would rather have a nice evening, move on. Nothing to see here.

Still with me? Good, because you’re one of the smart ones. I like having you here. Allow me to present a theory. What if I told you last night started a chain of events where Donald Trump got a second term, and Kanye West held a high level position in his administration? Does that sound like a crazy prediction? It’s nothing different than what we’re seeing right now, is it?

Recently our Vice President Elect, Mike Pence, took a trip to Broadway. The crowd booed his entrance. After the show concluded, Brandon Victor Dixon, the actor who plays Aaron Burr, singled out Pence and read a speech to him prepared once the show’s cast, crew and producer knew Pence would show up. You’ve probably seen clips of it by now. Here’s a sample of the text.

“Thank you for joining us at Hamilton: An American Musical. We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights. We hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of ALL of us. Thank you.”

Book Review: MAGA Mindset by Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich’s latest book, “MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again” dropped last night on Amazon Kindle. His “Trump book,” as Mike’s detractors will probably refer to it, is far more than just a study on Donald Trump. It is an insight into the human condition and the forces that brought Donald Trump the Republican nomination for President. It is a takedown of the dishonest media that tells us what to think, who to believe, and lies to us the entire time. It gives the reader personal strategies and techniques on how to approach life when everything seems hopeless. Even if the name “Donald Trump” makes you shake in disgust, you’re going to learn something from “MAGA Mindset” that benefits you.

Part one of Mike’s book discusses the cultural forces that brought us to the point where even if Donald Trump doesn’t win the Presidency in November, a revolution is in place that won’t go away anytime soon. This includes details on the continued war on men, repeated attacks on free speech, the continued push to keep American society a “globalist” one as opposed to a “nationalist” one, and the systemic oppression of one group people long to deny are oppressed: white men.

This section is where Mike discusses the phenomenon of “cuckservatives,” or people who call themselves conservative but love to betray their own party and ideas to pander at the altars of the Left and Social Justice. He spells out for the culturally blind why “cuckservatives” are rejected by their voter base, and why stronger figures like Donald Trump continue to rise in popularity.

Part two of the book is devoted to the media. If you’ve been following Mike Cernovich’s latest work you know by now he’s scalping media figures left and right these days, and he lays bare to the world just how the media is bought and paid for in this section. Cernovich shows you who’s pulling the strings at the institutions you used to trust, how they’re funded, and how they manipulate you in the modern news cycle. He also discusses how social media has influenced the way traditional news operates, and how one person with enough questions devoted to digging at the truth can obliterate the media’s chosen narrative.

As an aside, you can tell Mike’s studied persuasion heavily if you know where to look. In his film “Un/Convention,” he pre-framed the question of “Who pays for the media’s message? In “MAGA Mindset, he hammers the persuasion home by showing you just how the grand old “fourth estate” has devolved into a machine of paid bloggers.

Part three, “Mindset,” is Mike’s bread and butter. Taking clues from Donald Trump’s prior written and spoken word, and attaching them to concepts in his best-selling book “Gorilla Mindset,” Mike shows you how to use concepts like positive self-talk, thinking big, affirmations, re-framing, and more to elevate yourself to a level where you can succeed in an era where most of your friends on social media are telling you all is lost.

I highly recommend this book, even if you support Queen Meemaw, Gary Johnson, or any other political candidate. MAGA Mindset is about more than Donald Trump, it’s a framework by which you can understand America today, how to survive in a toxic climate of hatred, and rise above it all to be the success you want to be in life.

You can buy the book here. It’s been out less than a day and Amazon already has it listed as a “Best Seller.” And it’s done better sales in less than 24 hours than Hillary Clinton’s latest book. Maybe that serves as enough of an endorsement.

Orlando: Lessons Learned

Orlando’s recent series of unfortunate events included one sparking national debate where a nutcase managed to make his way into a nightclub and kill or maim at least 100 people solely because they loved someone of the same sex.  I’ve waited some time to throw in my opinions regarding the Pulse shooting out of respect for the dead and their families.

I will address my opinions on the subject today.  There’s lessons to be learned from the Pulse shooting, important ones about human nature, communication, and reactions in times of crisis.  We can and probably will ignore them.  In the hopes someone will listen, I offer those lessons here.

Love those around you in the darkest times. 

There’s a standard pattern that follows every one of these tragedies.  First comes the shock. Then there’s depression.  The cycle culminates with incredulous outrage and a demand for action.  All of this is solved by simply loving those around you when they need it most.

Orlando gets this at the local level.  People are lining up in droves to donate blood, volunteer in any way possible, and donate time, energy, or money if possible.  Even Truett Cathy’s Chik-Fil-A, a restaurant chain vilified once for taking a position on “traditional marriage,” contributed food to those in need.  The rest of us?  The message of love isn’t exactly sinking in.  Take a good, hard look at social media and see the clickbait headlines, the “they deserved it,” the “unfriend me if you think (x)” and  my special favorite, “Repeal the Second Amendment.”  I’ll get to that in a moment.

Here’s a better idea.  Why not take a revolutionary idea and, as noted legal scholar and humanitarian Jonathan Cena once said, “Rise Above Hate?” Are you angry about the Pulse shooting?  Then call someone up and tell them you love them.  If you have kids, hug them.  Hell, just ask someone on Facebook Messenger if they’re happy.  If they say “yes,” then say “I’m so glad to hear you’re happy. Good for you” and leave it at that.

Tragedies further agendas, and Orlando is no exception. 

After the shock and the outrage, something has to be done. There’s always a call for action, and this time there’s no difference.  On one side, you have “push the Muslims out and stop Muslim immigration.” On the other, it’s the tired “gun control” rhetoric for which no one can come up with a sensible, reasoned answer grounded in logic and sound policy decisions.

As you listen to your favorite talking head in the days and weeks to come, remember that lesson.  When the Left tells you it’s time to put someone who’s on a terrorist watch list on a “no gun buy” list, they’re doing so for a reason.  When the Right tells you it’s time to ban Muslims, they’re doing it for a reason.  Tragedies bring with them emotional requirements for action, and all sides are exploiting Orlando for their own personal gain.

“Gun Control” isn’t the solution here.  Especially not repealing the Second Amendment. 

In the aftermath of Orlando, Rolling Stone took great pains to find a Con Law “professor” who would give them the mechanism they desired for ridding Americans of pesky firearms: repeal the Second Amendment.

It’s a nice appeal to emotion and social justice.  And the issue of individual citizens being able to own, keep, and bear firearms in light of the D.C. v. Heller holding is definitely controversial, one Fault Lines managing editor Scott Greenfield called an “impressive piece of lawyering.” Some agree with the issue, some disagree. The takeaway point is that when you start discussing “bans” on guns, or “repealing” the Second Amendment, you have to remember those discussions involve serious words.  And despite what SJWs would have you believe, words do actually mean things.

When you say “ban,” you’d be well served to remember what “ban” actually means in the context of the law.  When you say “repeal,” go back to the first sentence.  The law isn’t some nice, touchy-feely instrument that brings you fairness.  Nor is it a scalpel used to trim that which you disagree from the mass you find palatable.  It is a bludgeon, and when you start modifying laws you don’t like don’t be surprised when the extra “law” of unintended consequences kicks in.

Some people don’t like the Second Amendment, or the privileges it brings. I get that.  If there’s truly a need to repeal it, then that document Trevor Noah of the Daily Show referred to as the “drunk grandpa who says things at times we don’t agree with” has a mechanism built in so we can change things.  But, going back to SHG, before you hit the “repeal” button on the Constitution remember there’s other rights people would love to see modified or taken entirely from us.  The First and Fourth Amendments might just as well get removed along with the Second, but no one in the aftermath of the Pulse shooting seems to think about that when screaming “REPEAL.”

There are gay celebrities speaking out about this issue, and tech companies are silencing them. 

Listening to the Sean Hannity show last night, I heard a caller speak about the “gay sect” of Hollywood, denounce them as cowards, and ask why no gay celebrities were speaking out about this debacle.  I ask this “industry insider” a question: Does the name Milo Yiannopolous ring a bell?  He’s been speaking out about the impact of Islam on gay culture for some time now, at the possible expense of his life.

Milo’s been attacked during his tours on college campuses.  He wanted to hold a talk at a nearby university in Orlando but couldn’t when the college had no way of guaranteeing Milo’s safety.  While attempting to find an alternate venue, Twitter suspended Yiannopolous’s account.  It’s unsurprising, really; they “un-verified” him after the Trust and Safety Council formed to appease those Milo offended by speaking truths.

Rather than cower down, Milo went to ground zero in Orlando, flanked by security, and gave his press conference.  He stood in the face of the public and the press and said what the world needed to hear.  This isn’t “radical Islam,” it’s “Islam,” backed by statistics, and no amount of blame shifting or apologia would fix that.  In response, Twitter suspended Milo’s account for another 24 hours.

Other social media companies are silencing those who speak out about the homophobic components of Islam.  A major LGBTQ publication’s page has been removed from Facebook for violating “terms of service.”  Post “Islam is like Hitler” on Facebook and watch as you get your account suspended for a day’s timeout.

The Left’s Reaction To Orlando Proves They Don’t Care About Gay People. 

No matter how much the media wants to spin it, the tweet from presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump proves he cares more about the LGBTQ community and their rights than anything done by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Yes, he’s a blowhard.  Yes, he’s a braggart.  Call him all the things you want, but the first reaction from the Left was “This is a gun issue!  It’s not  an Islam issue! Islam is peaceful! Guns are not!”

It was a follower of Islam who wrecked the lives of 300 people in Orlando at the Pulse, and that was the first time a Democrat achingly forced the words “Radical Islam” out for public consumption.  In other countries, followers of Islam believe homosexuality is immoral and should be made illegal, that Sharia law should be enacted (which makes a woman’s testimony 50% less credible than a man’s on the witness stand), and think it perfectly acceptable to throw someone off a building just because they happen to love someone of the same sex.

If you are a part of the LGBTQ community, and want to know who cares about you more than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, take a second look at Donald Trump.  It’s clear the establishment doesn’t care about you.  They’d rather put a religion at the altar of the Oppression Olympics than people who’ve been unable to marry in this country for centuries.  A vote for a Democratic president is a vote against LGBTQ people, their allies, and the rights of those to love as they please.

It may be uncomfortable for you.  But it’s time to Make America Great Again.

Disavow the current notion of “Disavow.”

The first time I remember hearing the word “Disavow” was in the television show “Mission: Impossible.” “The Secretary of State will disavow any knowledge of your actions.” Now the word “Disavow” is being used to influence the current Presidential campaign, and it’s time to have a clear discussion on what the word means, how it’s being used today, and why you need to disengage from the word “Disavow.”

Disavow (transitive verb) 1. to deny responsibility for. 2. to refuse to acknowledge or accept.

There’s a certain candidate who’s getting national attention because he won’t “disavow” a white supremacist organization that hasn’t been relevant or held power in years.

“I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists,” he said. “So I don’t know. I don’t know — did he endorse me, or what’s going on? Because I know nothing about David Duke; I know nothing about white supremacists.”–Donald J. Trump

That sounds like a pretty clear example of the word “disavow.” Trump knows about David Duke.  He knows that white supremacists are out there.  He’s not as stupid as some people would have you think he is.  That’s Donald Trump “refusing to acknowledge or accept” the endorsement of David Duke, an alleged member of the Ku Klux Klan.

It’s not good enough for the media though.  You must worship at their altar.  They decide what words mean, not some silly dictionary.

Disavow (transitive verb): To expressly, explicitly condemn someone or something in a manner or fashion with which a mainstream media outlet agrees. –Mainstream Media Dictionary

It gets to a point where the term “reductio ad absurdum” applies when Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, is taken to task for not “disavowing” Trump by a “conservative” news network.

The creator of Dilbert went on Fox News to talk about how Trump’s candidacy was a significant event in studying the human condition.  He even managed to implant suggestions in Tucker Carlson’s head without Tucker realizing it.  And Adams has never “supported” Trump.

Yet this is the reaction he gets after giving that interview.

“Apparently I didn’t disavow the right way. I got labeled a supporter anyway.”–Scott Adams

Watch the video here.

Scott Adams didn’t say he was a Trump supporter.  In fact, he said up front he “disavows” everyone.  Yet he was labeled a Trump supporter shortly after giving that interview to Fox News.

The “news” networks want you to think as they “think,” say what the “say,” and do as they tell you, without ever considering what might happen.

Here is my suggestion.  Disavow the notion of “disavowing.”

You don’t need to take your counterpart’s suggestion that you MUST explicitly reject an idea, person or anything else when communicating.  Your message is your message, and getting it across matters most.

When you “buy-in” to the modern definition of “disavowing,” you buy in to another person controlling you.

That’s embracing conflict.  It is the antithesis of MiD, and it is the antithesis of living a “conflict free” life.

Don’t play into the hands of “Disavow.”  People will make their own decisions on who you are based on your own personal conduct.  People will expect you to conform to their demands and decisions because that’s how life works these days.

Disavow the notion of “Disavow” as currently played in modern society.
Then you’ll live the “wrongless approach” to life.

It’s already met its goal, but I may have to chuck some funds into the production of this no-bullshit documentary against the war on free speech as a result of writing this.