Compound Communication Update: Soundcloud

We’re moving the Collaborative Compound Podcasts back to a regular schedule, and we’re moving them to Soundcloud.  That means RSS feed integration, iTunes, Stitcher, and otherwise support, and more, which means you’ll get more Mediation is Dead Content than before, where you want it, when you want it.  We’re about empowering people through communication skills, and that requires constant evolution.

I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from my Blab and Periscope sessions.  That’s all well and good, but podcasting is a major business these days for people who need a message broadcasted to the world.  Originally, I’d used a platform called Spreakr since it was an iPhone app and I could record straight from my iPhone 5S.  I learned something very quickly from those initial Collaborative Compound Podcasts.

The first thing I learned is Spreakr is shit compared to other platforms.  There’s little to no visibility for your podcasts, the WordPress plugin is buggy at best, and the limited functionality makes it hard to record something people want to listen to.

The second was the message transmitted to the world wasn’t getting received in the right places. If you want your message heard in the right areas you’ve got to go the route of regular content updates to Stitcher, iTunes, and the rest of the podcast aggregators out there.  Spreakr didn’t have the same visibility, so it had to go.

All of this is in testing mode, mind you.  One thing I’ve learned since beginning Mediation is Dead is the practice of forming an online business and presence is very much a learning game.  One of my favorite podcasts by Mike Cernovich detailed the formation of Danger and Play, as well as the Mike Cernovich podcast.  He freely admitted he didn’t know what he was doing when he got started and his business was very much a “learn as you go” enterprise.  I like that sort of “wrongless approach” to life Mike has, so I embrace it ruthlessly as I work to spread my message.

I went from a Twitter handle of TVDog to my current, @clsesq, which now extends to Instagram and Snapchat.  I evolved from Spreakr to Soundcloud, and continue to work with Periscope and Blab in order to spread the message of better communication to end conflict so parties can stay out of the court system.  I’ve learned content monetization, SEO optimization, and more just based on a desire to get my message to the world and a preference for being resourceful over begging people continually to help me out.

And that take on resourcefulness, the ability to evolve your work, continues to make the entire enterprise fulfilling each day.  Learning is a great endeavor, but when you undertake learning with a desire to evolve in knowledge then it’s a killer combination.

That’s all for now.  Transmissions from the Compound are forthcoming, and I guarantee you won’t want to miss any of them.