Compound Communication Update: Blab

I’ve been a naughty boy in neglecting Mediation is Dead lately. Those of you who know me outside my online presence know of my upswing in work hours, as well as my continued attempts at finding new ways to improve my practice and work through efficient means. As I write this, I’m attempting to work on a show idea for a new platform called “Blab” I just recently learned about. This will allow better interaction with my audience, as well as allow me to have on guests from time to time. I liked the Collaborative Compound Podcasts, but i’m still figuring a lot of shit out. This will, if people dig it enough, be the new method of bringing you content outside the site.

A big focus point for me is getting the message and site content out as frequently as I would like. Unfortunately, due to work obligations and time spent writing elsewhere I don’t always accomplish that goal. The end result is spreading my message of litigation versus mediation and a “conflict free” life may suffer as a result. Fortunately for me, I have the blessing of several great mentors and friends who provide me with the tools to have a national (and sometimes international) voice on issues I care about. The Compound, and this site, are still my babies. It’s my platform for personal expression and sharing my views, so I can’t allow this to continue without more daily content.

The Blab show will go live soon. You’ll need the Blab app to view and take part. There isn’t an Android app, but you can go to this site and check out the show.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.