Verdict in the Legion of Doom Twitter Fight

Today, in case you hate fun and intelligent conversation, Andrew King, our resident prosecutor at Fault Lines, wrote a post defending the freedom of speech of both Milo Yiannopolous and the NJ Weedman.  It was one of those times King wrote something I didn’t want to excessively drink over, throw something, or punch him regarding.  He was right, and the post merits a good read.  What I took issue with was him calling the league of us Internet super villains the “Legion of Doom.”  Specifically, because he referred to Milo as “Lex Luther.” With hair no less.

Now I’m a DC neophyte, and I remember a timeline where Luthor (not “Luther”) had hair.  But I remembered a bit where the author of that storyline declared it non-cannon.  I called King out on his shit, and it turns out I have to give him at least some credit.  He knows his comic book references.  This time I was in the right.  I was sure of it.  And I needed a third party neutral to prove me right.  So I pooled my resources and got a comics shop owner who is a DC comics guru to issue a ruling.  The response was so classic it didn’t merit a Twitter response.  I had to share it here.  The owner didn’t just settle the debate, he did so in legalese form that was so hysterical it merited a blog post.

“Plaintiff Seaton wishes to prove the Alexander Luthor storyline non-cannon in the DC universe.  In doing so, Plaintiff fails to describe an accurate description of the word “cannon,” as DC has fucked themselves with cannon regularly. See “New 52,” and “Flashpoint.”  However, the Dollar Comics Universe regularly fucks itself in the ass with canonical resets and erasures. See “Hush,” for an example.”

“Defendant King wishes to prove the Alexander Luthor story is cannon. Technically, the New 52 and Flashpoint erases Defendant King’s argument since they render the Alexander Luthor story invalid.  Plaintiff Seaton has the better argument here, but I cannot ignore the will of the writers or the company when making this ruling.”

“Accordingly, the holding of this “judge,” (which I find hysterical, by the way), is that Plaintiff Seaton has failed to meet his standard of proof the Alexander Luthor storyline, buttressed by decades of DC cannon and only erased by stupid corporate moves, is not cannon.  Therefore, Defendant King wins, and the Internet Supervillain group called “The Legion of Doom” involving Milo Yiannopolous (who’s done more for free speech than most Americans) may be called as such.  This is remanded to both assholes for work consistent with my findings.   And the next time King and Seaton engage me in this I’m charging a consulting fee.”

So I publicly apologize to Andrew King for not getting comic book cannon right.  I was wrong.  I will admit it.  And you need to read Fault Lines to get any sort of understanding of why this debate is so important.

Faces, Heels, and Fault Lines

I’m proud of the work we’re doing at Fault Lines.  It’s become a place where all sides of the criminal justice world are voicing their thoughtful, intelligent perspectives.  That being said, I consider some of us “faces,” and some of us “heels.”

babyface (n.) — A heroic or good-guy wrestler. (Also known as: face; baby [archaic].) (Antonym: heel.)

heel (n.) — A bad-guy wrestler. Antonym of babyface. A monster heel is a massive, frightening villain.

Being a “heel” requires you to master the art of pissing people off.  Before certain people decided to expose the business, heels would have to carry guns with them from town to town in order to avoid getting killed for some of the things they said or did.

I consider guys like Ken Womble and Josh Kendrick in the “face” category.

We’ve got a guy who’s a hell of a heel at Fault Lines.  His name is Andrew King.  He’s a prosecutor, and I’m damn glad we’ve got him at Fault Lines.

Andrew King isn’t heel because he’s a prosecutor, he’s a heel because he’s mastered the art of pissing people off.   

I know this because his latest Fault Lines post managed to piss off my mentor, Scott Greenfield.

Andrew writes today about the antipathy toward Black Lives Matter.  I hated his post. Not because of the writing, which was strong, or the reasoning, which was supported by others who share his perspective. No, because it is diametrically opposed to what I believe.  And the subject is so inflammatory that it’s the sort of post that makes you want to scream at the screen.

If you can master the art of pissing people off, you’ve got an edge people don’t normally have.  The thing about Andrew King is that he’s a Paul Heyman level heel.  He can make you love him or hate him depending on how he chooses to transmit his message.

The post today on Fault Lines  Andrew wrote about Black Lives Matter pissed me off.  He’s heeling it up like nobody’s business, and he’s doing it in the same level that Paul Heyman does: with smart, reasoned, intelligent work.

You’re going to get a lot out of Fault Lines.  It’s going to piss you off, and it’s going to make you love what is written there, and you need to read all the posts daily, be it from a “face” or a “heel.”

We’ve actually made it really easy for you to get the content from Fault Lines.  There’s a new subscription service that’s just been launched.  Go here, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter your email address.

You’ll get a daily dose of incredible content that you can tailor to suit your needs.  But take Scott’s advice. Read the heels first.

But I urge you to read and think about perspectives with which you disagree. Not because they will necessarily change your mind. Let’s get real. Minds don’t change all that easily. But because they will expand your mind, open your thoughts to a better and deeper understanding of what you’re beliefs are up against.

If you don’t know the arguments against you, you will never be able to test the validity of your beliefs.  And if your beliefs can’t withstand scrutiny, then you’re living in a fool’s paradise.  Many on the internets do so, reading only those who validate their love and hate, their bias.  If that’s not good enough for you, if you are tough enough to challenge your bias, then read ideas you despise.

Study the heel just as much as you would the face.  Study the heel more.
They’ve mastered the art of pissing people off, and you need to know how to counteract that.  If you don’t, then go play in Facebook.

Again, I’m going to make this ridiculously easy for you. Enter your email address, first and last name, on this page, and hit “subscribe”.  There’s no bullshit, no marketing gimmicks.  Just quality content to your inbox every day.

And I may just have to go cut a promo on Andrew King for his Fault Lines post.