New? Start Here First.

Before you go any further, Start Here.  That’s why the page is called “Start Here First.”

“Mediation is Dead” is not about killing the Alternative Dispute Resolution process called “mediation.”

This isn’t about taking money off the table of mediators.  It isn’t about taking money from lawyers.

“Mediation is Dead” is where people come to learn the skills they’ve been lacking for some time.  Possibly their entire lives.

The structure of “Mediation is Dead” recognizes there’s a world where communication skills don’t exist.  It’s the world in which we currently find ourselves, whether it be through text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, or other virtual forms of communication.

“Mediation is Dead” will revive the long lost art of communication.  Here you will learn how to get your message across and do so in a positive fashion.

You will find book reviews, essays on conflict resolution, tips to improve your life, and more.  You’ll get links to the “Collaborative Compound Podcast,” where you’ll learn more about ways to communicate with others and get some thoughts on living a conflict-free life.

If you take the principles of “Mediation is Dead” and apply them to modern life, should you ever need a mediator or an attorney, you will have a far better experience with the legal system.

I’m not going to do this by provoking peace.  “Mediation is Dead” is where you will find provoking peace through provoking action.  We will live an action filled live of learning how to communicate again.

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