There’s Nothing Like A Good Notebook

I keep at least one notebook with me wherever I go. This is funny because among my family members I’m considered the most tech savvy. That means, according to modern thought, I should use some sort of app to take all my notes.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing like putting pen to paper. And notebooks, unlike tech products, don’t crash. The trick is finding the one that works best for your needs. Here’s a quick picture of the three I use.

Yep. Three separate notebooks for the sake of everyday work, plus four pens. Each has their own specific purpose. I’m going to break down the focus of each, and hopefully give you some tips on which would work best for you. We’re going to work from left to right in this photo.

1. Moleskine Smart Writing Paper Tablet and Pen+

This is about as close to high tech as I get. The black Moleskine has been a staple of my notebooks ever since I got my first one. With the Smart Writing set Moleskine took writing to another level. The Pen+ records everything you write and saves it to the M+ app as you write it. If you want voice recording on the pen, it’ll add that to your notes too. The entire set up is like something out of a James Bond movie.

If you don’t have the app open when you’re writing, no worries. The pen will automatically transfer the data to the device with the M+ app installed when you open it next. You can also specify notebooks and more. I’m still getting used to the functionality of it, but it’s been a handy device when my MacBook isn’t around.

The entire setup runs about $139 at Barnes and Noble.

2. Rite in the Rain Journal And Pen

This number is what I carry everywhere. It’s small enough to fit in a jacket pocket and designed to take notes even when it’s raining outside (hence the name). The pages in the notebook are waterproof and the pen’s cartridge allows you to write on wet surfaces. I keep a Space Pen with this when traveling out and about in case one ink cartridge runs out. It’s great for jotting down brief thoughts or notes. The notepad and ink cartridges are naturally replaceable and easily findable if you have a nearby REI.

If you have the complete case with the cover, there’s also two pockets inside you can use to stash a few items of interest. Not really something I’d use often, but the notebook is the key.

You can get the set for about $40 at your local REI, or online.

3. Best SELF Journal

This is a personal choice, and one that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to anyone. It’s a journal designed as a daily planner for people with a specific goal to achieve. The start of the journal is a brief overview of their 13 week system to help you figure out a specific goal and achieve it. Then you sign a pledge and date it to fully “commit” to the process.

There’s space for you to outline months in your 13 weeks, and spaces where you’re asked to write about specific goals and steps you took in every process. Every day you’re encouraged to plan your day to the hour, set a goal and define targets to hit that goal.

Best Self encourages reflection on your day as well as gratitude. You will be asked every morning to write down three things you are grateful for, and do the same in the evening. There is a space devoted to “lessons learned” for the day and a “brag zone” where you list what you achieved that day.

There’s also space each day for you to list your appointments and such, but you have to make sure you plan those in with your goal setting.

Does the process work? Yes and no. The first few days I had issues getting what I wanted out of the journal, because I didn’t really grasp the focus. I suspect new users won’t as well.  That’s why they have an “online community” for you to join that will allegedly help you reach your goals. I am not a fan of “communities” that I have no relation to, but I do enjoy the structure the journal provides.

I’ve definitely become more productive with the system once I started and stuck to it.

You can buy the Best Self journal for about $40 at Amazon if you’re so inclined.

There you have it. Three separate notebooks, each with their own usage, and each promoting a sense of productivity about them. All a part of this writer/lawyer/hell-raiser’s toolbox. Hope some of this helps you.

Let’s Talk Supplements, Folks.

So I’m a big believer in using the tools science gives you to make you stronger.  After all, iron sharpens iron, and if you have the tools to give yourself an advantage why not use them?  It just works for those of us who want an advantage over life.

The problem is finding the right supplements and stack that will make your body work for you, instead of against you. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I’ve battled and won a fight against a degenerative muscle disease called Ocular Myasthenia Gravis.  It’s a condition where your white blood cells think your musculature is a disease and attacks it.  I’ve been in remission for some time now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go back at some point and be forced to take medication that has me hugging the porcelain god every morning.

So when I pick a stack of supplements to work with my life, I make sure I look to the best.  I have several issues with “traditional” supplements, the most of which are absolute crap.  If you go to your local GNC for example, the people there will try to pawn off absolute garbage to you unless you know what you’re looking for and can speak their language.  Then you MIGHT, and I stress MIGHT get what you want out of something, be it a test booster, PCT, or otherwise.

The biggest area that I’ve been interested in since I started experimenting with what Dave Asprey calls “Biohacking” is nootropics.  Since I write, argue, and read for a living, I need to be on peak focus and mental energy for everything I do.  As one of my spirit animals, Spider Jerusalem, once said:

“I do not want your cheap brainburning drugs.  They are useless for work.  And I am a working man today.  I want Vasopressin, Washed Caffeine, Jumpstart, Gingko Biloba, Guarana, and any Intelligence Enhancer introduced in the last five years…Now jump to it, pusher sperm.”

So I have been taking a stack recommended by Mike Cernovich of Gorilla Mindset fame for about a month or so now.  This is the way my cycle works:

Week 1:

(Empty Stomach)





(First Meal)






Caffeine (if fatigued)


(Before Bed)


Because I pull some weird hours, the next phase of the cycle goes like this: I sub out the Piracetam with Modanfil, 200 MG. I half the pill and take 100 MG on an empty stomach in the morning and 100 MG in the afternoon, approximately 7 hours after the first dosage.  The Modanfil has to be cycled on a weekly basis to avoid any sort of tolerance buildup.

Before I had a Modanfil prescription, I took Onnit’s “Alpha Brain” for a bit of a jump-start to my day with regards to brain function and cognitive abilities.  It was my go-to source for getting ready for the day, and gave me a jump on the tasks I needed to focus on.  Now things are a bit different, but I do want to outline what effects the Cernovich nootropic stack had for me.

It hulks your brain up to unforeseen levels.  Your productivity will maximize to levels you haven’t seen before.  You will be able to focus like nobody’s business, and you will be able to up your productivity and creative flow like you’ve never seen before.  I’ve pulled some 20 hour days recently, with 4 hours’ sleep being a normal day, and the Cernovich nootropic stack has saved my ass on numerous occasions, making my entire family happy and helping me grow my business online and in my law practice.

Mike, if you’re reading this, thank you for another great piece of advice that’s helped enrich my life.  There’s a reason I’m glad to call myself part of the Cerno Club, and this is one small shred of it.

Eventually, I had to test out something different.  Something that would cause me to cut down on the amount of supplements I bought and ingested.  I couldn’t go back to Onnit, because their formulas were good but not working at the levels I wanted them to.  That’s when I decided to take the jump to RED Supplements, and I’m so glad I did.  I’ve ordered a couple of times from RED, and I’m not going back anytime soon.  In fact, RED Supplements are my go-to for making sure I stay at optimal function.

Right now, I’m currently using RED-PCT and RED Monkey on weekends and when I need a pick-me-up. Recently, I started taking RED-Burner, and I can tell you it’s the best Thermo/Fat Burner/Energy Pill/Whatever You Call it on the market.  Current stack is as follows:

(Empty Stomach)




(With Food)






(Before Bed)



This will get changed when I cycle off the RED-PCT and back onto a test booster (hopefully the new RED MK-Growth Ultra when that happens), but you get the picture.  The biggest takeaways are as follows:

  1. RED-PCT is the first Post Cycle Therapy I’ve tried that works.  No bullshit, no false snake oil promises, the gains that I get during a test cycle stay where they are with RED-PCT.
  2. RED-Burner is the only stimulant/energy/thermogenic/fat burner I’ve found that works for me.  I’m incredibly stimulant sensitive to the point where stuff that has immense amounts of caffeine and other, traditional stimulant formulas just leave me jittery and with a nervous feeling.  RED-Burner does none of this; it actually provides clean energy and a great feeling while giving you the drive to move forward in your day.
  3. Less pills to swallow during a day.  With RED Supplements, you get stuff that works, so you don’t have to go to GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe and worry about what you’re getting with regards to potency and whether it works.  You know it will be a solid product, because Victor Pride and Chris Deoudes don’t sell shit they haven’t tried and used themselves.

So there you go.  When stuff that I’d been using decided to fail on me, or I was pulling hours that didn’t give me a major boost with the stack I was on, I looked to RED Supplements and it came through like a madman for making sure I stayed on track with my goals.  That’s why I’d tell you in a heartbeat if you’re looking for some sort of supplement to keep you on track to reach your mental, heath, and physical goals you need to look to RED Supplements.  They’re good people and their products work.

You can buy RED Supplements here.


Review: “The Informant” by Bobby Motta

I love mentalism effects.  Mentalism is one of the strongest ways to make an impression with someone because it means you’re essentially messing with someone’s head.  One of the easiest ways to do this is by “the peek,” and one of the best devices I’ve ever seen for getting a “peek” is Bobby Motta’s “The Informant.”

The Informant is a wallet.  You’ll be able to use it all day, every day, just like a regular wallet.  The difference is The Informant has a special device that allows you to get a peek of any thought the spectator is using.  It can be a card, a name, a number, anything your heart desires.  All you have to carry besides the wallet is a provided Sharpie pen and a few post-it notes.

From there the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.  Here’s a sampling of effects I’ve come up with using “The Informant.”

*Changing a contract from $5 to $500

*Guessing the name of a long dead family member and then conducting “cold reading” to provide a seance with the spectator

*Changing a drawing from one item to another.

*Make a number appear on a blank piece of paper

*Figure out the favorite book of a spectator

*Have the person shuffle and select a card from an “invisible” deck, then you guess it.

That’s just a sampling of what you can do with The Informant.  The effects are only limited by your imagination.  When you receive the wallet you’ll get Bobby’s “Blackmail” device that allows you a whole new series of ideas for effects.  Even when I don’t have The Informant on me, I keep a Blackmail in my wallet because it’s a great way to mess with someone’s head.

The best thing about The Informant, though, is it’s a marketing tool for you.  No matter what your job, the person you perform the effect for is going to end up with your business card in their hands.  That’s a powerful way to spread your brand, because after someone sees you’ve read their mind, they’ll end up with your business card.  Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, conflict resolution professional, writer, magician, hypnotist, anything you do, the great thing about The Informant is the spectator always leaves with your business card, remembering that you read their mind.

I can’t stress the value of this device for anyone who wants to live a “wrongless approach” with their own personal business.  Carrying The Informant with you and all the extras will help you at networking events because those people outside your personal industry will come back to you for something.  Leaving a person with your business card is one of the best closers you can get, because they just keep it like some sort of personal talisman.  When you get the business because you bought The Informant, you’ll get better at what you’re doing.  More networking opportunities, more business, and more end customers for you.

You can buy The Informant today.  Well worth your dough.  I rate this 5 stars.

Take some time and learn about The Wrongless Approach.

You can learn how to do an easy pickpocket move for free.

Persuasion more your bag?  Here’s a free crash course in bending reality.

Review: Theory 11 “Union” Playing Cards

I’m a big fan of playing cards, because I have a love of the deceptive arts that centers around using a pack of playing cards to do sleight of hand.  This comes from a time when I almost died and spent a year trying to regain the use of smaller muscles in my hands.  There’s countless varieties of playing cards, and I usually destroy about a deck a week doing certain moves over and over.  It’s a sort of thing where I just do sleights while I think about something.  Today we’re going to look at the “Union” series of playing cards by Theory 11.


The “Union” design is pretty nifty from the start.  You get an image on the front of the box with the American Flag, a sword, and some sprigs of ivy.  The words “Liberty” and “Bravery” are at the top and bottom of the box.  The back of the box is the back of the playing card, which has two eagles, more U.S. themed imagery, and a “U.”  The box sides announce the deck’s history; produced and distributed by Theory 11 but made by the United States Playing Card Company.  The tuck has a broken chain, ivy sprigs, and the words “Live Free.”


The individual suit cards are rather minimalist in the pip designs.  Where the art shines is in the court cards.  You’ll see various stages of “American” life in the Jacks, Kings, and Queens in the deck.  The only Ace with some impressive imagery is the Ace of Spades, which has an American Flag theme to the spade and an eagle design.


Gaffed cards in the deck are rare; the only specialty marking this as a premium level deck is the double backer, which you’ll find in just about any high-end deck of cards.  You’ll also get an ad card for Theory 11 and two Jokers.

Handling the cards from the box is pretty smooth.  They’re going to feel better than any standard deck of Bicycles out of the gate.  With about two days’ intensive handling they’re going to start breaking down on you, which is a problem I have with Theory 11’s card stock.  It seems like this is a universal thing with just about any Theory 11 deck.  As usual, preferences for card handlers will vary.  The edges are good enough to do a solid Faro Shuffle from just about the original state without any major breaking in.  Side steals, bottom deals, just about any of the major moves I have to pull off when working with a deck are a dream when you handle these cards.  That’s a great sign for someone like me who does a large amount of work with playing cards in a routine.

The disclaimer is that the feel of the cards is just too good to keep for a solid length of time.  They don’t feel like they’re very sturdy or well made, and I can’t get past that.  Other decks, like the Kings Series, just tend to work better for me.  I’ll still rate the Union Series a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars for their workability.

You can buy them by clicking through to the link below. Happy Handling!
Collectible Playing Cards