Book Review: POWA by James Brown

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James Brown is one of the most relaxed, confident people I’ve ever studied.  And let’s get this out of the way, I’m not talking about the deceased “hardest working man in showbusiness,” I’m talking about a Brit who does magic, hypnotism, pickpocketing, and more.  With his latest book, “Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach”, Brown has managed to condense the most important parts of his courses into one easy to digest Ebook: how to manage your life in the most confident, relaxed manner possible.

The “Wrongless Approach” delves into the most common problem people face in life: fear.  Brown, as a performer, knows the subject better than 90% of the human race, especially given the singular traits with which he’s developed his POWA Academy courses.  I’ve bought both, and they’re steals for what you receive, but with the book POWA you get the best part of his entire courses for a reasonable price if you’re not interested in learning how to steal stuff from people for fun and entertainment or hypnotizing someone.

I see a lot of what Brown covers in his book as building from a time when he was a nurse, and then developing as he expanded his life skill set into other regions learning his calling as a “performer.” And we all are “performers” in some aspect of our lives.  James covers that mindset in his book.

But the biggest, most important aspect of the “Wrongless Approach” to life James covers is the subject of fear.  I will give this one aspect away of his book: 90% of what we fear is over things that haven’t happened yet in our lives.  If you stress and worry about things that haven’t happened yet, then you’re blocking yourself from living the conflict free life that is the Mediation is Dead approach.

When I ran that portion of the book by my wife, a veterinary surgeon, she completely bought into the Wrongless Approach method of living.

I don’t want to delve into more of the POWA method, because I really want you to buy this book to help live a conflict-free life.  Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach is on the Mediation is Dead “Ten Books to Read For A Conflict Free Life” for a reason, and I know that when you buy James’s book you’ll get addicted to the rest of the POWA lifestyle.  You’ll even consider buying one or more of his courses at the POWA Academy like “Secrets of Pickpocketing” or “Reality Bending” (my personal favorite).

So buy James’s book here.  It’s more than worth your money.