About Me And Mediation Is Dead

I’m an Attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I’m a mediator.  I write for a site called Fault Lines, which exposes the cracks in the criminal justice system.  I write at www.clsesq.net, where you can read a few more of my personal thought patterns and life experiences.

I believe in the conflict resolution structure.  I heard a term once.  It was “peace provoker.”

Everyone should be a “peace provoker” if you’re going to live a harmonious life.  Not everyone knows how to be, and that’s why the current court system is as we have it.

Enter the world of “alternative dispute resolution,” or “mediation.” This became a great tool for judges, especially in the family court system, that didn’t want to hear cases.  It allowed people who were interested in the subject to charge thousands of dollars to people who were unhappy with their respective careers, and try to make a career using the techniques learned.

The problem lies in the con and the reality.  The “con” is the training in “interest based mediation.” The “reality” is that most attorneys want to see mediation handled the way THEY want it conducted, instead of the way the mediator wants it done.  Therefore, mediators pander to the attorney instead of the client, and we end up with a broken system that leaves every person at the table experiencing “buyer’s remorse.”

Sometimes you have to burn the entire system down to create a better one.

That’s where Mediation is Dead comes in.

You read these pages, you digest these action plans, and you will take better steps to live a conflict-free life.  You won’t always avoid conflict.  But you’ll learn how to minimize and address it in beneficial ways.